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Using Scratchpad in your Google Calendar
Using Scratchpad in your Google Calendar

Learn how to create tasks, notes, and contacts that sync to Salesforce - directly from your GCal

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Create Notes from your GCal Event

Creating a note prior to your meeting is easy with Scratchpad Command enabled

  1. Select your desired event in Google Calendar

  2. Click Create Note next to the Scratchpad icon

  3. A Scratchpad Note will be created, using the title of your meeting as the header

  4. Pull in a Template to make note-taking even easier!

Create Tasks from GCal

Stay on top of your action items by creating and viewing Tasks directly from GCal

  1. Navigate to a weekly Google Calendar view

  2. Select the Task icon (circle with check mark) next to the date

  3. Fill out your Task details, it will save automatically when clicking out

  4. The Task icon will surface the number on pending Tasks on a given day

View & Create Contacts from your Event

Easily manage contacts, right from your GCal invite

  1. Select your desired event in Google Calendar, navigate to Guests

  2. To the right of their name, you will either see a person icon or + sign

    • Person icon: Existing contact in SFDC, click to surface contact information

    • + sign: Not an existing contact in SFDC (could be a lead), click to create a new contact

โ” Missing fields when creating a Contact? Click the gear icon and select Fields and Related Lists. You can now add and manage your desired fields.

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