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Using Spotlights to Track Account Health
Using Spotlights to Track Account Health

Want an easy way to draw attention to Accounts that need action? Deal Spotlights are here to help!

Updated over a week ago

When managing a book of business, it can be difficult to understand where to take action or what Accounts need your immediate attention.

With Scratchpad Deal Spotlights, you can easily create an "Account Health" Grid View to visualize action items and prioritize them. Let's walk through it together ⬇️

In the view below, we have added Spotlights (Highlights) to determine the health of my assigned Accounts. Here are the conditions:

πŸ”΄ - # of Open Opportunities is ≀ 1

πŸ”΄ - Cross Sell Notes are Empty

🟑 - # of Open Opportunities is 2

🟒 - # of Open Opportunities is β‰₯ 3

🟒 - Cross Sell Notes are Not Empty

In this example, Accounts with 2 or less Opportunities and empty Cross Sell Notes are in bad health. Accounts with 3+ Opportunities and updated Cross Sell Notes are in good health.

βœ… The goal here is to draw attention to Accounts that have πŸ”΄ or 🟑 Spotlights, and eventually have a view with only 🟒 Spotlights.

A view like this will help you surface exactly where to get started at the beginning of your day, week, or month to be most successful in managing your Accounts.

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