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How Can I Get Into the Correct Salesforce Instance and Manage Multiple Instances?
How Can I Get Into the Correct Salesforce Instance and Manage Multiple Instances?

Learn how to get into your desired instance and manage multiple SFDC instances

Updated over a week ago

Are you receiving the error "Unsupported Salesforce Instance" upon opening Scratchpad, or wondering why your Scratchpad looks different today?

Some companies have multiple Salesforce instances. If you are one of them and are struggling to connect Scratchpad to the correct instance, follow along to troubleshoot and manage multiple instances.

Log into the Correct Instance

  1. Navigate to the Gear Icon in the bottom-left corner of your Scratchpad homepage

  2. Click Log out in the bottom-left corner of the settings window

  3. Go to Salesforce and log out of all instances you are connected to

  4. Go to Scratchpad by opening a new tab and sign in with the credentials to your desired SFDC instance

Manage Multiple Instances with Chrome Profiles

First, ensure you have a profile set up for your main SFDC instance. To create a profile for your second instance:

  1. Navigate to Profiles on your Chrome menu bar

  2. Select + Add Profile to create a new profile

  3. Choose "Continue without an account" to ensure your profiles stay separate

  4. Name your new profile, select a theme color, and add a profile picture to help distinguish one SFDC instance from another

  5. Once your new profile is created, download the Scratchpad Chrome Extension on sign-in with the credentials for your second SFDC Instance.

Now you can easily toggle between your instances โ†“

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