Signing Up for Scratchpad

Learn how to sign up and schedule a 1:1 session with a Product Specialist

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Sign Up

  1. Click Add to Chrome button

  2. Click Add extension and Keep it

  3. Click Sign in with Salesforce and login as you normally would

1:1 Onboarding Session

Our Product Specialist Team is dedicated to supporting Scratchpad users and getting them set up for success. Whether you would like some guidance on best practices, have nuanced questions, or want a thought-partner as you build out your Scratchpad, Product Specialists are here for you. You can schedule some time here!


Why is Scratchpad now my homepage?

When using the Chrome Extension, Scratchpad becomes your new tab experience for easy access to your Pipeline, Notes, Tasks, and more. Learn how to customize your Scratchpad, like adding Shortcuts, here!

What if I don't prefer the Chrome Extension, or I don't use Chrome?

You can leverage our web app instead!

What is the difference between the Chrome Extension and Web App?

When using the Chrome Extension, you'll have access to Scratchpad Command

Can Scratchpad be used offline?

Not today, Scratchpad can only be used when you're online

What if I use SSO or Okta to sign into Salesforce?

You will be prompted to sign into Scratchpad as you normally would with SSO or Okta

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