Do you need to update the Account Owner on multiple records as your team grows? Have you been out-of-office unexpectedly and need to change close dates on a bunch of Opportunities all at once? Maybe you've just added a new field to your Salesforce instance and you'd like to update large groups of records in one fell swoop? Bulk Update is here for you!

*** You can select individual records from any grid view, but as a *Pro Tip* I'd recommend that you create a new view with the specific filters you're looking for to ensure nothing falls through the cracks! (click here to see how to create new grid views)

  1. Select the Pipeline option from the upper left-hand corner of your Scratchpad screen

  2. Open a Grid View that includes the records and fields you'd like to update - you can customize your grid view following the steps in this video.

  3. From the left-hand side of the grid, you'll need to select the records you want to update

    1. Click on the square at the top of the list to select all records (max 1,000 can be updated at a time)

    2. If you don't want to select all records, click on the individual number next to a record (a check box will appear) to simply select a group of records from your list

  4. A new menu will appear at the top of your Grid view where the filter and filter option once appeared - Click bulk Update!

    1. This menu will also display of the total number of records that have been selected

  5. A pop-up window will appear and you can now select the fields to be updated. Simply type the new changes directly in the form. You can update multiple fields at the same time!

  6. Click Review at the bottom of the window once all changes are complete.

  7. A new window will pop up giving you a chance to review your changes and ensure these are correct.

    1. Pay close attention here! There is NO undo button so make sure the changes are accurate.

  8. Click Update and you're all set to go! You'll see a message at the top of your screen showing the progress of your updates. Depending on how many changes you're making, the time here can vary. If you'd like, you can move on to other tasks as the updates will continue to process in the background. You'll receive a notification once all updates are complete.

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