Converting Leads

Here's some quick easy steps to convert leads!

Updated this week

Are you tired of having to leave your current workflow to to open new tabs and click around in Salesforce to manually convert a lead?

Good news, Scratchpad has your back!

The old way to convert leads involved leaving Scratchpad, opening up a new tab, heading over to Salesforce, clicking around to surface your lead record, manually convert them, close out the tab and get back to your flow. Now, with lead conversion in Scratchpad, it takes users as few as just 2 clicks.

  1. Open up the Expanded View of any new or existing lead.

  2. Select Tile " + Convert Lead"

  3. Select whether you want to convert a new or existing account, contact, or opportunity (or no new opportunity)

  4. Hit "Convert Lead" and Done!

❓ How can I surface converted leads?

→ By default, a Scratchpad Pipeline View for Leads will only show Leads that haven't been converted. If you would like to see converted leads, you can add a Filter for "Converted is True"

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