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Spotlight Opportunities with Empty MEDDICC Fields
Spotlight Opportunities with Empty MEDDICC Fields

Ensure your MEDDICC fields stay up to date with spotlights in your Pipeline View.

Updated over a week ago

Today, you can't keep track of what opps need which of your MEDDICC fields, let alone the specific field that is missing. Add the complexity of needing certain fields at certain stages, and you've given up hope.

No more! You can create spotlights that surface what opps need what MEDDICC fields for you! You can be as broad or as specific as you want. Spotlight any missing MEDDICC fields? DONE! Spotlight missing Pain and Champion on Stage 1 opps only? DONE! Let process adherence and methodology pain be a thing of the past!

πŸŽ‰ Bonus: Update MEDDICC fields easily with Tiles in Expanded View!!!!

Add Spotlights

  1. Navigate to Pipeline and open an Opportunities grid view

  2. Click Highlight at the top of your grid view

  3. Select + Add Highlight and then + Add custom highlight

Spotlighting any missing MEDDICC fields, no matter the stage

Specific fields required/desired at certain stages

  1. "Stage is Stage 1"

  2. Group (ANY):

    1. "Identified Pain is empty"


    2. "Champion is empty"

  3. "Stage is Stage 3"

  4. Group (ANY):

    1. "Metrics is empty"


    2. "Economic buyer is empty"


    3. "Decision Criteria is empty"


    4. "Identify Pain is empty"


    5. "Champion is empty"

πŸ”₯ Managers - add a comment to any record that needs immediate attention!

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