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A Better Way: Bulk Assigning Accounts
A Better Way: Bulk Assigning Accounts
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When a new team member joins or you receive a new Accounts list needing assigning turn to Bulk Updates to save you time and frustration!

Today, assigning Accounts, Opportunities, Leads, etc., in sales is time-consuming and labor intensive! You have to pull up either the objects one at a time and update the owner to only eventually get lost in endless tabs. Well... there is a better way with Scratchpad!

  1. Open your desired Account Pipeline.

  2. Add needed filters to surface the accounts that need to be reassigned.

  3. In the upper left-hand corner of ANY Grid View, you will see an "empty" check box. By selecting the checkbox in any Grid View, all records will be selected to bulk update. Once selected, all of your records will be highlighted signifying they are ready for Bulk Updating! πŸͺ„ Pro Tip! You can choose individual records by hovering your mouse over any number on the left-hand side!

  4. Click on Bulk update

  5. Choose which field or fields your want to "Bulk Update."

    🚨 If you don't see the field you want to update, you will have to bring it into your view via "Fields" on the menu bar

  6. Select the check mark next to "Account Owner" and select which SFDC User you would like to assign these accounts to.

  7. Click on Update and confirm this action.

  8. Wait a moment while the magic happens!

πŸ”₯ Would you like your team members to automatically know when they have been assigned an Account, Opportunity, or Lead? Check out Automations Here!

🎯 You can use this process to Bulk assign leads as well!

Let's see it in action!

🚨 Available with a paid license. Learn more about our plans here!

Book a Complimentary 1:1 with a member of our User Delight team today!

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