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Increase Sales Team Collaboration
Increase Sales Team Collaboration
AEs, BDRs, Sales Engineers, and Customer Success can collaborate seamlessly from one place, working faster and increasing smooth handoffs.
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Are you an AE who is always emailing or messaging your BDRs and Sales Engineers to ensure everyone understands context and next steps on your opportunities? Or are you a Customer Success Manager who runs from meeting to meeting to get your questions answered about a new account you're taking from the sales team? Collaboration is critical to a strong sales process, yet when done across meetings, Slack, Salesforce Chatter, Email, and Spreadsheets, can take away valuable time that could be spent strategizing and closing deals.

What if you had a collaborative space where you and your counterparts could communicate with one another on about deals without extra meetings and flipping between applications?

Scratchpad Tiles make this possible!

With Tiles, you can create shortcuts to the Salesforce fields that you and your team need to collaborate on most. By eliminating the long list of Salesforce fields that you scroll past anyway, you can spotlight your high-leverage workflows and standardize what needs to be included in handoffs to ensure smooth transitions.

AE/SE Collaboration

AE β†’ SE tiles that house discovery info

SE β†’ AE tiles that house demo, use cases, etc

BDR/AE Collaboration

Hand-offs can be clean and easy with a tile that includes information about weekly average users, use cases, champions...

AE/CSM Collaboration

Equip your post-sales team with valuable information for deployment (CX Manager, setup notes, etc) so they can take off running and working on adoption once the deal is closed.

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