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Pipeline Views to Track Opps Created by You
Pipeline Views to Track Opps Created by You
Know exactly where the opps you created stand!
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If you're a BDR, you most certainly work closely with another teammate, but focus on some slightly different fields and objects in Salesforce. In addition to supporting AE's in finding and closing deals, you probably want to have your own workspace that allows you to see how deals are going even once they've been handed off.

Scratchpad has your back!

Take a look at this pipeline view of opportunities that will keep you informed on how an opportunity created by you is doing in the pipeline!

To create this view

  1. Create a new opportunity pipeline view and name it appropriately.

  2. Add the filters and fields that map to what you want to see in this view

    Suggested filters: ["Created by" "is" "Your Name"] ["Created Date" "is" "This Quarter"]

    Suggested fields: [Created Date], [Amount]/[ACV], [Close Date], [Account Name]

  3. Group your view by Stage and calculate your Amount/ACV

  4. Use deal spotlighting to showcase your Closed Won Opps!

    Suggested spotlighting: ["Stage" "is" "Closed Won"]

🚨 Deal spotlighting is available on paid Scratchpad licenses. Learn more here.

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