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Adding Custom Objects to Scratchpad
Adding Custom Objects to Scratchpad

Learn how to add Custom Salesforce Objects to your Scratchpad Instance

Updated this week

While getting started with Scratchpad, you may notice that only the standard objects (Opportunity, Account, Contact, Lead) are available to you right off the bat.

If you have custom objects that you would like to access within Scratchpad:

  1. Navigate to the Gear Icon in the bottom-left corner of your Scratchpad homepage

  2. Select Objects on the left menu bar

  3. Scroll down and select + Add to search for and add your desired custom object

  4. The object will now be visible to your entire organization, learn more on how to use your new custom object in Scratchpad here!

If you would like to remove a custom object, please reach out via Wish on your Scratchpad homepage or email us at [email protected].

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