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Conduct More Efficient 1:1 Deal Reviews With Your Reps
Conduct More Efficient 1:1 Deal Reviews With Your Reps
Say 'hello' to a better way to proactively coach your team and drive high-performance behavior for each rep.
Written by Oscar-Wyett Moore
Updated over a week ago

As a manager, deal reviews are your opportunity to deeply understand the state of your team’s Opportunities and help build the strategic action plans needed to move deals forward to closed won. Unfortunately, that’s rarely the case.

Whether it’s reps missing important fields, unrealistic close dates, or outdated next steps, your deal reviews too-often turn into interrogations as you try to make sense of where your rep’s Opportunities stand. And before you know it, the meeting is over.

Thankfully, there’s a better, more proactive way with Scratchpad.

A Singular View for 1:1s

Instead of toggling between multiple Salesforce tabs, emails, and documents to piece together the state of their deals, you can view all of the relevant information from one pane of glass with pipeline view. See how deals are progressing and come to deal reviews ready to coach so your team can move deals along faster.

But that pipeline view is only scratching the surface of how you can become more efficient in your 1:1s. Let me show you why and how Scratchpad will be your secret weapon for deal reviews.

Setting Strategic 1:1 Agendas

Let’s say you want to be more strategic in setting 1:1 agendas. Rather than manually digging through Opportunity level data (that’s likely outdated or missing) to determine what to tackle together, let the data come to you. With just a few clicks, you can set up deal spotlighting to shine a light on exactly what needs to be updated, what’s missing, and what’s changed on deals. It’s instant visibility to drive more productive 1:1’s and help strategize on deals to improve win rates.

Nagging Reps Is Out; Automated Notifications Are In

If you find yourself nagging reps to update key MEDDICC fields on their Opportunities, you could create automated alerts to reinforce the rigor you demand. For example, in a matter of seconds, you can set up automated reminders for your reps to take action on updating missing MEDDICC fields. It’s a simple way for you to reinforce desired fundamentals across your team so you can strategize in deal reviews.

Instead of pouring through every active opportunity to see ensure deals are progressing, you can set up alerts for yourself that notify you of any stagnant Opportunities with no recent activity. Now you can come into deal reviews knowing exactly where deals are and what can be done to move them forward.

More Time for Coaching with Async Collaboration

Another way to speed up sales cycles can be through instant async collaboration with reps on their deals. Instead of waiting for 1:1s to discuss updates and get clarity, comment directly on deals to collaborate in real-time so you can get more strategic coaching done during 1:1s.

See it in action! ⬇️

🚨 Deal spotlighting and automations are available on paid licenses. Learn more here.

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