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How to Have Better 1:1’s and Deal Reviews With Your Reps
How to Have Better 1:1’s and Deal Reviews With Your Reps

Tips for Sales Managers to proactively coach their reps, have more productive 1:1’s, and improve the quality of deal reviews.

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Deal reviews and 1:1s should be where you spend time with your reps to deeply understand the status of their deals, and coach on strategy and tactics to move deals forward to closed-won. But often these meetings turn into questions about why Salesforce isn’t updated.

Thankfully, there’s a better way. Here are a few tips to make sure you reps are updating Salesforce and managing their pipelines faster, so you can spend your time coaching to better outcomes.

A Singular View for 1:1s

With Scratchpad's pipeline view, you can see all the information about your deals in one place. You don't have to switch between Salesforce tabs, emails, or documents to know where your deals are. This makes it easy to track your deals and prepare for reviews that help you coach your team, so you can close deals faster. To learn more about pipeline view, click here.

But that pipeline view is only scratching the surface of how you can become more efficient in your 1:1s. Let me show you why and how Scratchpad will be your secret weapon for deal reviews.

Setting Strategic 1:1 Agendas

To be more strategic in setting 1:1 agendas, you can use deal spotlighting. Rather than manually sifting through outdated or missing opportunity data to determine what's missing for each opportunity, you can use highlights to visualize which opportunities require attention and address them together with your rep. In just a few clicks, you can customize your pipeline view to highlight what needs updating, what's missing, and what's changed, providing instant visibility to drive more productive 1:1's. Learn more about deal spotlighting here.

Use Slack to Remind Reps to Update and Manage Their Pipeline

Do you often need to remind your sales reps to update important MEDDICC fields on their Opportunities? Or do you have deals with expired closed dates or no recent activity? With Scratchpad Automations, you can encourage your reps to take the right actions with a gentle reminder in Slack. Automations and Slack notifications are an extra tool in your toolkit to drive the right behaviors for your reps and help them with the fastest way to update and manager their pipeline.

More Time for Coaching with Asynchronous Collaboration

Another way to speed up sales cycles is through instant asynchronous collaboration with reps on their deals. Instead of waiting for 1:1 meetings to discuss updates and get clarity, you can comment directly on deals and collaborate async. This enables you to get more strategic coaching done during your 1:1s.

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