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Integrating Google & Scratchpad

Learn how to integrate and use Google within Scratchpad - viewing your calendar, searching emails and events, and more.

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Scratchpad's Google Integration removes the pain of having to constantly jump back and forth between your Gmail, Google Calendar, and Scratchpad. The integration allows you to access data from both Gmail and Google Calendar right within Scratchpad.

  1. Navigate to the Gear Icon in the bottom-left corner of your Scratchpad homepage

  2. Select Integrations on the left menu bar and add Google

  3. Click the calendar icon from your nav bar, you can now view your GCal events

  4. Use CMD+J to search Gmail and GCal within Scratchpad


Does Scratchpad integrate with Outlook?

At this time, Scratchpad does not integrate with Outlook - only Google

What triggers the “Next Meeting Scheduled” Calendar icon to show on an opportunity in Pipeline?

  1. Google Integration is enabled in Scratchpad

  2. There is an external participant on the Google Calendar event that is a contact in SFDC

  3. That participant is related to an account with an active opportunity or related to an opportunity contact role.

If there are multiple open Opportunities in an Account, we’ll only display the icon for the first Opportunity listed.

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