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What Salesforce Editions Are Supported?
What Salesforce Editions Are Supported?
Learn which Salesforce editions Scratchpad supports
Written by Oscar-Wyett Moore
Updated over a week ago

Please find the current listing of supported and unsupported editions of Salesforce below:

Supported Editions

  • Enterprise Edition

  • Unlimited Edition

  • Performance Edition

Unsupported Editions (You will see John Travolta when signing in with an unsupported edition and may receive the error "Invalid_credentials."

  • Group Edition

  • Essentials Edition

  • Professional Edition

  • Developer Edition

Additionally, in order to utilize Scratchpad, a Salesforce account must have API access enabled. If you have a supported edition and have confirmed with your Salesforce administrator that API access is enabled, but still are unable to access Scratchpad, please reach out to us via [email protected].

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