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Overview for Legal, Security, & IT

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Scratchpad Overview

Scratchpad is a web app and chrome extension that creates a workspace for your revenue team. We enable your team to easily collaborate, improve data hygiene, and keep customer information up to date. With Scratchpad, your team will have quick access to salesforce, their notes, and your enablement content regardless of where they’re working.

Scratchpad & Salesforce

We connect to your company’s salesforce instance via API.

  • This means that we don’t have to store any of your company’s salesforce data

    • The exception is if you enable audit-trail, which allows you to track and see field changes. In this case, your data is securely stored.

We automatically inherit your salesforce configurations, permissions, and settings.

  • We don’t make any changes to your existing processes or configurations.

  • You don’t need to do any additional Salesforce configuration to give your team the same access in Scratchpad as they have in salesforce.

  • There is no integration or sync with your Salesforce.

    • Updates made in scratchpad are reflected in real-time in your salesforce instance via API.

We leverage Salesforce authentication for Scratchpad user account creation.

  • This means that you control who can access Scratchpad.

  • If you deactivate a salesforce login, that user can no longer access their Scratchpad account.

Scratchpad Account & Data Ownership

The owner of the Salesforce instance used to log into Scratchpad is the owner of the Scratchpad Organizational Account.

  • When a user signs up for Scratchpad an Organizational Account is created for the owner of the Salesforce instance.

  • The owner of the Organizational Account has access to all activity/data under all Authorized Users’ accounts.

    • They also own all Business and Customer Data generated, documented, or uploaded by its Authorized Users

    • They also own all Scratchpad Notes linked to Salesforce records

      • Unlinked notes (ie grocery lists, personal notes) are not owned by the organizational account.

  • The above is true for both paid and free Authorized User accounts

Review our terms of service for more details

Scratchpad Paid vs Free Seats

  • Scratchpad free seats are still owned by your organization

    • They are only entitled to access the currently available features and functionality of Scratchpad. See for the most up-to-date list.

    • They are bound to our Terms of Service

  • Scratchpad paid seats are owned by your organization

    • These seats are bound by your Order Form and any additional agreements between your company and Scratchpad

Scratchpad Security

  • Scratchpad maintains Soc 2 Type 2 compliance

  • You can review more about our posture at

  • All users’ information and data are secured and maintained according to controls that align with SOC 2 Type 2.

Questions? Email us at [email protected]

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