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Pipeline View for This Quarter's Opportunities
Pipeline View for This Quarter's Opportunities

Reps can create views for opps closing this quarter while Sales Leaders can use views to keep track of their team’s deals in future quarters

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Sales teams often struggle to manage all their opportunities in a given quarter. Reps and Sales Leaders often have to juggle multiple tabs in Salesforce and spreadsheets to gather the right information for each opportunity. This not only wastes valuable time, but is also exhausting. Wouldn't it be great if you could view only the opportunities you're interested in for the quarter, with just the fields you need to update and reference?

Introducing: Scratchpad’s Pipeline View!

  1. Frontline sales managers can create views for their reps to see all deals in the current quarter and highlight opportunities that are out of process compliance or at risk.

  2. RevOps and Sales Leaders can see the most updated view of the team’s quarterly opps for more precise forecasts.

  3. Reps can better manage their pipeline with a spreadsheet like view to see and understand the status of their opportunities, where deals are stuck in stage, which ones have expired close dates, and take action on next steps at a quick glance.

Pipeline View simplifies data hygiene, giving reps control over their deals, managers visibility, and RevOps confidence in accurate forecasts - essential for business success.

  1. Create a new grid or kanban view or duplicate an existing view!

  2. Add desired fields and sort them to your liking! More HERE.

    🪄 PRO TIP: Include Next Step, Last activity Date, Close Date, Stage, Account Name, Amount or ACV, Manager Notes... Don't be shy!

  3. Click on Filters and add the following filters:

    1. Keep "My opportunities" filter (if you're not the opportunity owner, learn how to surface desired opps HERE.)

    2. Closed / IS / False

    3. Close Date / IS / This Fiscal Quarter

❓ How can I create an Opportunity Contact Role in Scratchpad?

→ You will have to make sure the custom object "Opportunity Contact Role" is enabled in your Scratchpad Instance; you can learn more about requesting custom objects here. If it is enabled, you can use Scratchpad Command to select + Create Opportunity Contact Role.

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