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Scratchpad Command Troubleshooting
Scratchpad Command Troubleshooting
Is Scratchpad Command not showing when you use the keyboard shortcut (CMD+J/CTRL+J)? Here are some tips to help you out.
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Let's make sure everything is in place:

  1. Are you using our Chrome Extension (CRX) or web app ( You'll need to use our CRX in order to use Scratchpad Command. (You'll know you're on the CRX if every new tab starts up with Scratchpad.)

  2. Is Command enabled for your account? (Click the gear icon at the bottom left corner of the Scratchpad app. Click "Integrations." Toggle on Scratchpad Command.)

  3. Are you waiting for your new tab to completely load before attempting CMD+J/CTRL+J?

  4. Is your cursor clicked into the screen or is it on the URL search bar? Make sure to click into the screen.

  5. Has your tab been open for a while? Please refresh your tab, let it load completely, and then try CMD+J/CTRL+J again.

If all of the above is in place, please reach out to the Scratchpad team at [email protected]. If possible, please provide a screen recording showing that Scratchpad Command is enabled and trying to use it in a different website (refreshed tab). Our team will get back to you as soon as possible to support!


❓Is the layout of Scratchpad Command customizable?

β†’ As of today, you are not able to customize the layout of Command.

❓I received the "can't read or change site's data" error message and now Scratchpad Command doesn't work. What do I do?

β†’ Select the 'puzzle piece' on right hand side of your Chrome bar, scroll down to 'Manage Extensions', click the 'details' button in the Scratchpad box, go to 'site access', ensure that 'on all sites' is the selection made. (See GIF below)

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