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Why Isn't My SFDC Update Showing Up in Scratchpad?
Why Isn't My SFDC Update Showing Up in Scratchpad?
If you’re wondering what happened to those fields you just created in Salesforce, take a look here.
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When using Salesforce, enablement folks may discover the need to add new fields and/or lists to employee Salesforce instances. If you’ve had the experience of attempting to bring a newly created SFDC field into your Scratchpad pipeline view and learning that it isn't there, you've come to the right place!

Typically, someone at your org will create a Salesforce field...

And you might immediately go looking for it, only to find that it isn't there 😢...

Not to worry! Updates reflect within a normal 2-hr interval or we can manually conduct a cache refresh for you so that the field becomes visible on your end...

Via the WISH button on the Scratchpad homepage, or, by sending a quick e-mail to [email protected], a member of our User Delight Team will gladly refresh the cache for you manually.

Book a Complimentary 1:1 with a member of our User Delight team today!

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