Create Leads/Contacts On the Go

Scratchpad is on-the-go with Command - create new leads or contacts from anywhere on the web!

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If you're a BDR, you are probably spending a significant amount of time prospecting; you gather contact information from various sources, cross-reference it with other information from multiple databases, and of course, you have to eventually reach out to the individuals you're researching!

With Scratchpad, you can prospect on LinkedIn, SalesNav, or wherever you spend your time, and bring Scratchpad to you as soon as you're ready to create a new lead! It's as simple as using Command. Take a look below!

To create a new lead or contact via Command

  1. Use your keyboard shortcut to surface Scratchpad Command (Cmd+J/Ctrl+J)

  2. Select "create new lead" or "create new contact"

  3. Fill out the necessary fields

    🚨 Bring in additional fields through the gear icon in the top right corner

  4. Hit CREATE!

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