How To Create Tasks in Scratchpad

Learn the many ways you can create tasks in Scratchpad.

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Unleashing your productivity with tasks

Do you ever feel like your productivity slows as you try to stay on top of your to-do list while switching between tabs for your notes, calendar, Slack and Salesforce? Do you forget tasks because they get lost in another list that you forget to check? This can be frustrating and needs a better solution.

Scratchpad Tasks give you a centralized space to keep track and take action on the tasks needed to move your deals through the pipeline - right from the workspace you’re already doing that. Simply prioritize and organize your day by scheduling, arranging, and assigning tasks to your team members.

See all the ways tasks will increase your productivity:

πŸ‘‰ FAQ

From your Homepage:

  • Select Task in the upper left corner.

  • Complete or Add Task using this task view.

Duplicating a Completed Task

  • Select Task in the upper left corner.

  • Chose the task you want to complete and duplicate

  • Click the completed icon and then CREATE NEW TASK! You will have an identical task, dated one week from today.

Directly from Scratchpad Command in product or any website

  • Use your keyboard shortcut (Mac: Command+J, PC: Control+J) to bring up Command

  • Select Create new task from the commands list.

From Expanded view sidebar

  • Open desired record

    • From PIPELINE, hover your cursor over the name of your record and click on the double arrow icon or press the spacebar on any selected record.

    • Anywhere on the web, use Scratchpad Command to search for the desired record

  • Click on the checkmark symbol on your sidebar.

  • Select the + button across from My Tasks.

  • Add Task

From New Activity Tile

  • Select New Activity Tile on any record's expanded view

    🚨 You may need to click "All" and scroll down to the Actions section

    • You can pin this tile for easy access

  • Fill in fields for your task.

    🚨You may need to pull in additional fields through the gear icon in the top righthand corner. These added fields will be present for all subsequent creation of new activity.

  • Once done, click Create Activity.

Directly from your Google Calendar

  • Go to your weekly Google Calendar view

    • Ensure you have Scratchpad Command enabled (requires the use of Scratchpad Chrome Extension)

  • Click check mark that is in the circle next to the date to begin adding your Task

  • An expanded view will appear on your right.

  • Add your task details

  • No need to "save", it's already saved to SFDC once you click out!


❓ Can I relate a Task to multiple records?

β†’ Not in Scratchpad today. You can, however, accomplish this in SFDC if you would like.

❓ Can you create Tasks without them going to Salesforce?

β†’ No, you can create a Task without relating it to a record - but it will still log to SFDC.

❓ Do Task comments support hyperlinks?

β†’ No, Task comments do not currently support hyperlinks.

❓ What time-zone are Today and Overdue Tasks based on?

β†’ This is based on our server's time-zone, which is in the US.

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