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Create a Pipeline View for Closed Won Opportunities
Create a Pipeline View for Closed Won Opportunities

How to see and track progress towards your opportunities and open pipeline

Updated over a week ago

You shouldn’t have to search through countless pages, tabs, and complex Salesforce reports just to manage your pipeline and track the opportunities you need to close this quarter.

Here’s how to organize your Closed Won deals in one simple view and see how you’re progressing towards hitting your commit.

1. From your Opportunities Pipeline, create or duplicate a new grid view.

2. Select Fields: closed date, stage, and amount/ACV

3. Add filter: [Stage] [is] [Closed Won] **Remove [Closed] [is] [false] if present.

4. For last month/quarter, add filter: [Closed date] [is] [Last month] or [Last Fiscal Quarter]

5. If you want to track current month/quarter, add filter: [Closed date] [is] [This Month] or [This Fiscal Quarter]

6. To see total sum of the "amount/ACV/ect" column, select "calculate" and click "sum" to get the exact amount

👉 If you want to create both of these views, duplicate the first view and change the filter accordingly

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