Leads: Qualified View + Converting

Surface your qualified leads and convert them in seconds!

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BDRs...how cool would it be to see all of your qualified leads in one place? Forget about looking up leads individually in Salesforce or hunting down opportunities, then sifting through numerous fields to find out what progress is being made with a lead. Scratchpad allows you to create a pipeline view of your qualified leads so that you can see all pertinent information and updates all in one place.

With customization in pipeline, you can build out a view that suits your individual needs. Maybe you want to look at a view of leads that have already converted so that you're aware of which opps you get credit for. Maybe you want to see which leads fit important customer profile specs such as industry and/or number of employees present. Scratchpad has your back on this! A combination of filters, grouping, and conditional highlighting will bring you from feeling discombobulated and distressed to cool and confident.

Take a look at the view of leads below:

To Replicate the Leads Pipeline View Above

  1. Select important fields that you want visible in the pipeline (company, no. of employees, lead status, email, phone, etc)

    1. Orange for organizations with "no of employees" that are less than or equal to 249

    2. Green for organizations with "no of employees" that are greater than or equal to 250

  2. Group by 'Lead Status'; this distinguishes between the leads that are qualified, contacted, etc.

    🚨 Deal spotlighting is available on paid Scratchpad plans. Learn more here.

To Convert Your Lead

  1. From the Expanded View, click into your " + Convert Lead" tile

  2. Select whether you want to convert a new or existing account, contact, or opportunity (or no new opportunity)

  3. Hit "Convert Lead" and Done!

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