Kanban Forecasting View
Configure a Kanban view for quick and easy forecast review with your team
Written by Rickman Ryals
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Scratchpad's kanban view is an ideal choice for forecast review with your team. Kanban visually represents your team's pipeline by organizing opportunities into columns based on the forecast category or stage. It also summarizes the dollar amount and allows for field customization on each opportunity "card".


  1. Navigate to Pipeline

  2. Select the Opportunities tab

  3. Open the drop-down menu at far left.

  4. Click + and Select [New Kanban]

  5. Choose a Group by Field (Forecast Category, Stage, etc.)


  1. Click Filter from the option bar and select "My team's opportunities" from the drop-down menu. (This is based on SFDC configurations)

    1. You can alternatively, add a filter for "Opportunity Owner is X, Y, Z

  2. Continue customizing your kanban view (add appropriate filters, fields, deal spotlights)

  3. Select [...] to rename your view.

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