Prospecting is great, and lead generation is the foundation of success. But when you're not out hunting for new business, it's important to be precise, proactive and organized.

We've got the workflow for you!

  1. Open up your Pipeline Dashboard on the Opportunities tab

    1. Click the carrot toggle by the view title to open the sidebar then hover over My Views and click on the plus icon to select New grid.

    2. PRO TIP! Name your grid!! CQ Opps, C2C Opps, CQ Pipeline......

  2. Click on the Fields option from the Dashboard's header menu and select Salesforce fields to include in your "spreadsheet"

    1. Scroll to view or search by name in the "find a field" bar and check the boxes to select or de-select any fields. You can customize the column order and width!

    2. PRO TIP! Include Next Step, Last activity Date, Close Date, Stage, Account Name, Amount

  3. Click on the Filter option from the Dashboard's header menu and set your filters

    1. Set the Scope (dropdown in the upper left-hand corner) to "My opportunities" if you're the opportunity owner.

    2. Set the first filter to Closed / IS / False and then set the second filter to Close Date / IS / This Fiscal Quarter

    3. PRO TIP! If you're not the opportunity owner set the scope to "All Opportunities" and include the filter for your role.

      For example: If you're not the opportunity owner, but you're labeled as the Sales Representative on the Opportunity, simply set the scope to "All Opportunites" and then set your first filter to yourself.

Check out the bonus video below to see a Kanban View broken down by stage with the same parameters!

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